Dentures are removable oral prosthetics that replace teeth that have either been lost due to aging, bone loss, severe decay, or periodontal disease. The dentist will either recommend full or partial dentures based on the number of teeth you're missing but either way the underlying purpose is the same - to preserve your youthful appearance while restoring the use of your teeth.


Why You Should Consider Getting Dentures


If you've lost teeth to gum disease, tooth decay, mouth injuries or the like, you may be a candidate for dentures. In short, dentures restore your ability to chew food and speak clearer.


If you're missing multiple teeth in different parts of your mouth, it's hard to beat the simplicity of dentures. One of the neat things about these oral prosthetics is that one set can replace multiple missing teeth - even if they're far apart.

How Dentures Work


Dentures consist of two main parts - a resin base that resembles gums and the artificial teeth. They are custom fitted to your gums and mouth so that the only thing required to hold them in place is the suction-effect created by the tiny space between your gums and the denture. Partial dentures replace some of your teeth. While, full dentures replace all of your teeth.

What You Can Expect After Denture Placement


Dentures require more maintenance than most other forms of teeth replacement. For example, they must be cleaned daily and soaked overnight to keep them moist. The key when rinsing them off for the day is to do so in a safe place to avoid damage.


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