Dental emergencies can occur at anytime. Severe toothaches, cracked teeth, swollen gums, and the like are common. These dental concerns require immediate attention and our office is here to help all patients. Our convenient hours and team allow us to accommodate emergency care. Please do not hesitate to contact us today. Your comfort and oral health are our top priorities.


What is a Dental Emergency?


Anytime you experience a dental emergency, it is critical that you seek urgent dental care right away. Otherwise, waiting could put you at a higher risk of making your dental concern worse. As such, patients who suddenly notice sharp tooth pains or who have just lost a tooth would do well to schedule an emergency visit with their local dentist.


How Dental Emergency Services Work


Some of the most common dental emergencies are tooth pain, loose or lost teeth, swollen gums, etc. Simply contact our office right away so that we may accommodate you accordingly. Your treatment plan will depend on the underlying issue which will be determined after a thorough examination has been conducted.


What to Expect from an Emergency Dental Procedure


During an emergency dental visit, the dentist will evaluate your dental issue. Upon learning your goals, and identifying your unique challenges, the dentist will recommend a course of action. Should you agree, the dental office will prepare a treatment plan for you to review alongside the dentist.

A dental emergency demands immediate action. By definition, these circumstances usually indicate a need for urgent assistance or at least within the next 12-24 hours. Liberia Dental Care is proud to service the Manassas, VA area with emergency dental services. Contact us today to learn more. New patients are always welcomed and most insurances are accepted.